Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Lacie: poor software and bad technical assistance

Before leaving for vacation I decided to do a backup of my notebook.
I connected to a Lacie Little Disk and installed the Genie backup software just downloaded from the Lacie support site.

It crashed, so I reported to Lacie support:
Genie Backup Assistant, Build 8 0 360 530 crashes when I press Next after
selecting files from MY FOLDERS tab. Error message is:
An unhandled win32
exception occurred in GBM8.exe [6256].
But since I was in a hurry, I installed 1-Click Backup, an alternative backup program also from Lacie support site (

I started to backup my home directory and another directory with my stuff and, just in case, Program Files, for a total of less than 10 GB.

The backup however was taking ages and my airplane was leaving, so I checked that the relevant directories had been copied on the USB disk, and indeed they were, except for a portion of Program Files.
I thought that those were not important and decided to stop the backup.
The only option provided by the program was Cancel, so I clicked Cancel.

A few days later I got an answer from "Team del Servizio di assistenza tecnica di LaCie" (Lacie Tech Support Team):
Try to install again on another machine.

The answer was quite stupid, but I tried to be polite:

It wan't be of any help installing on another machine, since that is the one I need to backup.

A whole month later, I got another suggestion: to try to install another version from

Unfortunalty in the meantime I had lost my notebook, so I tried to recover my data onto a new machine.

With horror I discovered that 1-Click Backup, when canceling, had deleted the copies it had already made.

Since I knew the files were there, I bought a copy of DiskInternals Uneraser for 48 Euros and was able to recover my data, in less than 5 minutes (3 hours to dump and 5 minutes to restore? where is the trick?).

Just for information I wrote a note to Lacie Support reporting what had happened and complaining that their backup program had deleted the copies it had just made without giving me an option to suspend the dump.

The answer was:
The program does not erase any original data and if it has been correctly configured there should be no problems of any type. You could have done a manual back up. You should expect that a backup would take several hours. In any case, LaCie is not responsbible for any damage.

He clearly did not read what I had said: I said that the copies had been deleted, not the originals; and of course if I was reporting a problem, there was indeed a problem.
And again I could have just avoided using Lacie software if just I knew how bad it is.

BTW, I just checked the Manual for 1-Click Backup, and there is no documentation on the button Cancel, nor about the fact that it deletes any file.

In conclusion stay away from Lacie products: their software is poor and their Technical support even worse.

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