Tuesday, December 07, 2004

knowledge management fad

Cercando di capire il recondito significato della disciplina che passa sotto il nome di 'knowledge management', mi sono imbattuto in questo saggio di T.D. Wilson:
che arriva alle seguenti conclusioni:

The inescapable conclusion of this analysis of the 'knowledge management' idea is that it is, in large part, a management fad, promulgated mainly by certain consultancy companies, and the probability is that it will fade away like previous fads
However, the aim of the university and of those who work for it is to expose ideas to critical analysis and to inculcate in students the same abilities. It is, perhaps, a sad reflection on the way in which the university, world-wide, has changed from the 'temple' to the 'factory' (Beckman, 1989) that so many academics are prepared to jump on the bandwagon - one's only satisfaction is that the bandwagon lacks wheels.

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